How to Make GIF From Video with Giffing Tool

make gif from videos

GIF are lately most trending app which are used to create all your videos and pictures in a graphic interface. It has been adapted by  Facebook , snapchat,  WhatsApp as well.

So this “graphic interface format” has currently replaced by emoticons as well as pictures that are saved in your camera roll.

There are some applications which let you convey your existing videos and pictures into camera roll. Did you transform any of your video into gif format, no! then let’s get started.

make gif from videos

How to make GiF from video|Step by Step:

Following are the easy step by step ways to create your gif and convey your messages in an innovative manner.

  • Download giffing tool in your windows. It will help you transform images and videos. It’s an editing app which will let you form new videos. As it comes with regular  updating format so makes reliable and safer to use.
  • Okay! Now select a video from your gallery. Once you have selected your video you can choose its begning and ending, make a point the shorter will be the video the higher will be the quality.
  • After doing this, you will find a “NEW” button on the screen , you have to tap on it. Screen will show the square button, hold onto to it to start recording what you want to record.
  • Now , once you have recorded it, play the whole clip and press escape. Once you do this you will find two buttons green as well as red. You have to take this red button and leave it at the end of your video, after this take up green button and put this on the video where it has a starting
  • Now when you have arranged the video , you can style it by adding effects of your choice , this app has inbuilt customization options which others may not have. After editing it in your style you have to convey it to your own scale.
  • Now you should save this in your system , by clicking on the floppy disk icon visible on your screen.
  •   After performing all the steps your giffy is ready to get viral among all your contacts, now you can share your innovation on social media.

So have you yet created your own giffy. If no then get started by following above steps they are way to easy to create your animated version in very less time.

This app allows you to make your GIF online as well , with the same procedure , this application will not harm your computer and will prevent virus before the knock.

I hope above article helped you solving your query in an easy way. If it helped do hit a like button and comment in the comment box.

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